My belief in the unseen
of God and angels
butterflies, witches, and Goddesses
and especially

I believe in goodness and healing
the power of love, faith, prayer
meditation, yoga, water and laughter

I was raised and am still quite comfortable within Catholicism
in 8th grade, I was voted by my peers, most likely to be the first female priest for heaven’s sake, a feminist before I knew the meaning of the word.
Years later listening intently in a church, a priest disparaged all that stirred my 20 year old heart. Our relationship has not been the same since.

I believe we can love people regardless of gender, that women are the sole proprietors of our bodies, that sex, conscious, intentional is glorious regardless of marital status. I do not believe marital status is all that important. I believe we are all legitimate and we should all be love’s children.

Perhaps I should not feel timid to admit my faith. Atheists always seem so intelligent to me. Buddhism makes more sense to me too. Yet I am held up by the morning prayer at my children’s school, while still angered by the Christmas eve sermon by a priest who doesn’t speak to the stirring of this 39 year old’s heart.

The Holy Family, guardian angels, butterflies sent from Canada
energetic healing from afar
the Our Father, Hail Mary,
tarot cards and incense all nourish,
inspire, protect me.

I confess I believe in magic
the unseen
and You.


(thank you Anne Lamott)

4 thoughts on “confessing

  1. Blessing Be to you and all that you hold in that loving heart of yours. Thank you for speaking for the Devine. Your words once again touch me. May the Goddess continue to add strength to your voice.

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