letting go

this year has not been as simple
as undressing
laughing and dancing
worrying about everything
and nothing

letting go
has happened
involuntarily, at times, possibly
I have been coerced by my body
to listen
she has decided to show me daily
to let go
and has kept me in pain since late October
I have discovered I have not been a very good listener
this year
I shut down when my loved ones
remind me to remember

letting go
of those who let me go
this year
or years ago

for now.

Today I responded to Elephant Journal’s Reverb Prompt

Want to know more about Reverb11?  Check it out and join me!

14 thoughts on “letting go

    • you’ve made me think about this, a motto or a mantra, I am rereading and thinking about the one that I need to say these days :) Thank you for reading and commenting.

  1. First, happy 100th blog post!!

    Second, yes, letting go isn’t always clear and easy. It’s just one step at a time. You captured that so perfectly. :)

  2. Here’s what I’ve discovered about letting go… sometimes it’s letting go of the parts of ourselves that are holding us back, sometimes it’s letting go of the dream you’ve envisioned for a story to end, sometimes it’s letting go of the whole person. For me, I’m stating with the pieces of myself that are holding me back. Hugs.

    • thank you Mrs. M, it means the world to get such a compliment from you. It is because of the beauty you share with us that I felt brave enough to start blogging.

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